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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the qualifications of an Exercise Physiologist?

Generally, an Exercise Physiologist has an undergraduate degree in Sports and Exercise Science, along with a postgraduate degree in Exercise Physiology. However, there are some universities that do Exercise Physiology as an undergraduate degree.

In short, an Exercise Physiologist has 4-4.5 years of study at university.

Do I need a referral from my Doctor to come and see you?

No - if you're looking to start with an Exercise Physiologist as a private client, there is no need for a Doctor's referral.

With that said, depending on your situation or conditions/injuries you may have, you may be eligible funding streams such as; Medicare EPC, DVA, WorkCover, NDIS etc. If you believe you may be eligible, it is worth discussing this with your Doctor.

Can I use my private health insurance?

Yes. We have facilities here where you can claim on health insurance and just pay the gap. The amount your health insurer covers will depend on who you are with and the coverage you have.

What is the difference between an Exercise Physiologist and a Physiotherapist?

Although we have studied at University for similar lengths of time and through this time both study the human body quite extensively, Exercise Physiologists do NOT do manual therapy. At University, an Exercise Physiologist will study the effects of what exercise does to the human body and understand how certain conditions, injuries and medications may influence the effect of exercise and how the body will respond to certain types of exercise. With this extensive criterion of learning, it has come at the expense of our ability to do manual therapies like massage, dry needling and tens machine.

Can I bring my child to my appointment with me?

Absolutely. We have a family first philosophy here at Health Interactions. We understand there are times that bringing your children to an appointment will be unavoidable and we will always be accommodating.

What do I wear to my first appointment?

Anything you feel comfortable moving in. Before we jump straight into exercise, we do like to get a background on you, your health conditions, medication and exercise history; so the Initial Consultation is largely a conversation, however we always like giving you something to go away.

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