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The Health Interactions Podcast

Real People, Real Experiences, Real Stories

This is a podcast which aligns with the vision of Health Interactions. We endeavour to build a community determined to achieve individual progress - a society where all human beings continually striving to reach their own potential. Too often we look toward athletes and celebrities for inspiration and motivation - this is a platform where we can talk to our clients, everyday people. Giving them an opportunity to share their unique experiences, where the listeners can learn and become inspired by their compelling stories of overcoming adversity.

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Episode 12:

Glin's Story

Glin is a human performance coach and the founder of her company Heart of Human. Glin developed the HEART Method to empower women in leadership roles to overcome their impostor syndrome and gain confidence to feel unstoppable. In the episode, Glin steps us through her HEART Method, goes into detail on her 'why' and explains the importance of prioritising her own health, to ensure she can make her clients feel unstoppable in themselves.

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Episode 11:

James' Story

James MacDonald is a fellow Novocastrian, from JM Recruiting – a tech and digit recruitment company based in Newcastle and Sydney. James also is the founder and host of The NewyTechPeople Podcast – where James has built a strong community of tech lovers in the Newcastle area. On top of all of this, James has a family and understands the importance of his own health, understanding if he does not prioritise his own health, all the other aspects in his life may too deteriorate.

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Episode 10:

Max's Story

Max Price is a comedian, creative director and founder of Priceless Productions. Max has worked on many television ad campaigns with some of Australia's largest brands - also being a comedy writer and actor on sketch comedy series 'Kinne Tonight'. On top of all of this, Max is a husband and father, who understands he importance of maintaining his health to ensure he performs at his best hen writing creative content, as well as being a family man. Max shares his insights in how to keep healthy in a busy lifestyle, the highs and lows of working on a national television show and some key leanings he has discovered as a business owner in a cut throat industry.

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Episode 9:

Kim's Story

Kim Rennie is an AFLW Premiership winning player. Kim was drafted to the Western Bulldogs after playing basketball at a high level. Without playing a game of Aussie Rules, Kim transitioned fast, focusing herself physically and mentally to ensure she kept her spot in the side. Within 2 seasons of being drafted, Kim went on to win a premiership as a Ruck - renowned to be a very tough position in Aussie Rules Football.

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Episode 8:

Luke's Story

Luke is the co-founder of Spartan Projects and heads the Newcastle sector Talk2MeBro - a great initiative in encouraging people to talk about their mental health, in an aim to have suicide a thing of the past. Luke balances a very busy lifestyle, all whilst ensuring he gives himself The Health Advantage, in his personal and professional life.


Episode 7:

Phil and Mary-Anne's Story

Phil was a client out ours when we were based in Melbourne, however, Phil has family in Newcastle which he visits every 3-4 months - so we are fortunate enough to continue working with him whenever he is in the area. Phil has aphasia, as a result of a stroke he experienced 8 years ago - which means he cannot verbally communicate they way he used to. Being an audio only podcast, we have also brought Mary-Anne onto the podcast to not only communicate on Phil's behalf - but she also talks about her learning experiences in the early stages of Phil's stroke. 

Elderly Res Exercise.jpg

Episode 6:

Jim's Story

The podcast is back - with moving the business from Melbourne to Newcastle, the podcast was put on the back burner for a bit. The podcast resumes with Jim sharing his story of being referred into Health Interactions by his Psychiatrist, to use exercise physiology sessions to help him manage his emotional state. Jim discusses the role exercise has played for him, how he tries to remain consistent with exercise and some little tips to help keep him motivated.

Lab Experiment

Episode 5:

Rachelle's Story

On this podcast we talk to Rachelle about her experience where she received the devastating news of breast cancer and metastatic disease, whist in the process of preventing exactly this. Rachelle was in the process of actively preventing breast cancer being identified as positive to the BRCA2 genetic mutation - leaving her predisposed to breast cancer. Rachelle talks about the role of exercise in coping physically and mentally and urges people to raise awareness to the BRCA1 and BRCA genetic mutation tests on the last Friday of September.

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Episode 4:

Sam's Story

Sam has had a unique story of moving across the other side of the world to take a chance at playing high level Aussie Rules Football. After being contracted to the VFL state league, he suffered an injury to his left knee. After 2 more contracts and 2 surgeries to the same knee, he is currently weighing up his future potential as an Australian Rules Footballer.

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Episode 3:

Robert's Story

A talk with one of the most determined people in the world. Robert talks about his story of being diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, before then having a stroke - Robert reflects on the treatments he has had to date and talks about why he decided he will walk again, after being told by a doctor that he would not ever walk again.

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Episode 2:

Louise's Story

Have you ever struggled with depression or anxiety, though, knowing exercise was important, couldn't find the motivation to exercise? Louise shares her story of being diagnosed with depression and anxiety, being unsure where to go next before stumbling along the team at Health Interactions.

Glin Bayley Podcast.jpg

Episode 1:

Jo's Story

Jo reflects on her experiences after being diagnosed with breast cancer with a very young family, the anxiety it caused, the fantastic oncology staff and how exercise became apart of her recovery and ongoing lifestyle.

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