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"When your why is big enough, you will find your how" - Les Brown

Our Story.

Health Interactions is a friendly team of Accredited Exercise Physiologist, passionate about improving your health and well-being. At Health Interactions, we strongly believe that your health is an ecosystem and the key determinants for optimal health relies on the interactions of physical health, mental health and nutrition.

Thomas discovered the health ecosystem first-hand in 2016. At the time, he was training and eating like an athlete - and from the outside looking in, there would be no doubting he was healthy. However, Thomas was not giving his mental health the attention it deserved, and he found himself sliding down the continuum of mental health, to the point he felt nowhere to go. After speaking to the right people, Thomas was able to recover and with this perspective he was able to truly define what he wanted out of his life.

9 months after being at what Thomas would describe as 'rock bottom', he and his now wife founded 'Health Interactions'. Though it took a horrible experience to find this perspective, they are now committed and passionate about creating the health advantage and educating people on the ecosystem of health in others.

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