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To put your family first, is to put your health first.

Be active with your children and grandchildren for years to come’

Understand the importance of health, get clarity on how to improve health and be surrounded by a community of motivated individuals to help keep you accountable.​

Understand the importance of health.

Life gets busy, work gets stressful and finding time to spend with family is hard. However, all of this becomes irrelevant without your health. To prioritise your family, work and hobbies means to prioritise your health.

Get clarity and direction on how to improve your health.

Once you become motivated to improve your health, the next obstacle arises – where do I start? We help you create your own toolbox of programs and information needed to improve your health.

Stay motivated and be held accountable.

It’s one thing to have a gym membership, it’s another thing to use it. We are a ‘health club’ that focuses on the ‘health’ rather than the club’ and being a member of Health Interactions means to be a member of a community of like-minded individuals trying to improve their own health.

your health is an ecosystem

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Exercise is Medicine

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Create a Positive Mindset

Feed to Fuel

Health Interactions was born on the philosophy that your health is an ecosystem. And like any thriving ecosystem, there is an interaction of components that all rely on one another to maintain a state of equilibrium. For optimal health, there must be a nice balance between physical health, mental health and nutrition.

we believe that Family comes First


The most cherished thing in life are the moments and memories we create with the ones we love. Let’s make the most of your mobility whilst we still can and continue to make invaluable memories with those who matter most.


When our lives are almost over, it does not matter how smart you are, what your job title is or how much money you have saved - what matters most is family. And we want you to continue creating memories with your family and friends for years to come.


Business for Good


“The real goal of what we’re doing is to have a positive impact on the world” – Brian Scudamore, O2E Brands.

We believe every business has the power to change lives and be a force for good. We have teamed up with B1G1 to be a business for good and since October 2019, we have created giving stories that align with our vision for the world, in a way that we can give every day.

4856 days clean water in Malawi


nourishing meals to children in india

1442 days of education support to special needs children in nepal

**UPDATED August 2023

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